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Issue 89 of New Zealand Mountain Biker is out and it’s a doozy.

We get inside the mind of Sam Gaze about the Commonwealth Games happenings, we’ve also got trail dogs getting rad, Lance surviving the Tour Aotearoa, a reborn Christchurch Adventure Park and local insight on the South American EWS rounds. Plus bike reviews for Kona, Commencal and Cube. Something for everyone!

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Inside the Pages

First up, what’s the real story of the Commonwealth Games XC race and Sam Gaze’s publicity garnering actions? We’ve got that story. To get some insight from the horses’ mouths, the Ed. Spoke with Sam Gaze and Anton Cooper about the Commonwealth Games finger-fiasco. What about trail-dogs in rubber booties lofting over fallen trees on perfect loam? We got that too. If you didn’t know you wanted a trail-dog already, you will now. Next up, the Christchurch Adventure Park is back, after it’s fateful fire, new tracks are built and ready for you to shred. Check out Jay French’s stunning photos, which is all their orange glow are reminiscent of the fire itself. And how about mile-munching, thigh-burning, ass-burning, scenic wonderland of camaraderie? You must mean the Tour Aotearoa. Lance Pilbrow gives us the low-down, and some of the best selfies you’ll see in a while. If you prefer something with more enduro, then peek behind the Instagram filters and see what it’s really like to be a privateer kiwi couple duking it out with the world’s best on the EWS Series in South America.

On Review

Kona’s Process 153 has a full make-over for 2018 so Simon Lawrence gives it some Welly (badoom-cha) to see what it’s capable of.

Rather than a full makeover the 2018 Commencal Meta AM has had some metaphorical hair extensions (more travel) and eyelash tinting (subtle but noticeable improvements) for 2018. Nick Lambert compares it to the previous iteration in Rotorua.

Need more power? Check out Robin Page’s review of the Cube Stereo hybrid e-mountain, a bike with an intended rider in mind. Could it be you?

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Images & Words: New Zealand Mountain Biker

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