Hot of the Press: NZM Issue 92

Issue 92 is so hot off the press it’s about to stop, drop and roll into your letterbox and all good bookstores any minute now.

What’s in it? Everything. Well almost everything, including: talking to the Kennett Brothers about their induction into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame as well as the past and future of mountain biking in New Zealand, then we break new ground with an e-bike bikepacking trip around Opotiki (doubly on trend!), and look behind the glossy façade of international privateer-racing with Jess and Loui’s final installment of their Enduro World Series campaign (it includes stunning photos from Sven Martin, as well as anecdotes of giant bird attacks.)

We also get some great insight into the fantastic work of Trail Fund, supporting New Zealand mountain bike tracks like you wouldn’t believe. As well as all that, we ride and review a bunch of bikes and gear, like GT’s new 29er Sensor, a Juliana Furtado women’s 130mm trail bike and the plus-curious 2019 Trek Remedy, along with the outstanding Manitou Mattoc Pro forks, homegrown quality NZO riding kit, and Crank Brother’s new carbon hoops, just to name a few.  So, either pester NZ Post about which day they’ll deign to make the trip to your letterbox, or get it while you’re getting your Xmas cards this week, because that’s how organized you are this year…

Words: Carl Patton

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