Santa Cruz Bronson V.3

It’s been 6 weeks now since we received the Santa Cruz Bronson V3 stateside. The Ed. has extensively ridden the Bronson V1 and Bronson V2, so is in a good position to review this latest iteration of the U.S. boutique brand’s enduro racer/trail beast.

Carl has already ridden it a fair bit in Colorado and Moab, where it’s been an excellent trail bike, clocking up some big miles and proper climbs on rides like Monarch Crest, as well as taking on some rugged enduro courses like Porcupine Rim. Look out for a full review in the next issue, but until then, here are some pics from the photoshoot in Crested Butte, Colorado (thanks to Trent from @meyvncreative) and some quick takeaway comments from the Ed.

“An enduro bike doesn’t need to be a good technical climber, seeing as most enduro climbs tend to be dirt roads and not-so-tech tracks, but the Bronson really is a great technical climber. It only falls over when it gets steep enough that a 160mm fork topped out, becomes a very tall thing to try to keep your body weight on top ofv. Until then, the rockier and rootier the better as the active yet supportive suspension stroke keeps the back end stuck to the ground, without feeling mushy or encouraging the bike to wallow into pedal-smash territory.”

“Downhill, the Bronson manages an uncanny mix of pop (fun bouncing off things when you want) and ground hugging traction (staying planted when you want). Is it better than previous iterations? Yes, most definitely, in quite identifiable ways. We also got another tester involved who had just come off her previous generation Juliana Roubion (a Bronson V2 in all but name) who was effusive in her praise of the lower-link driven shock design."

Check out the upcoming issue for more.  the print edition of NZ Mountain Biker to get the full review.