POC's Tectal Helmet with SPIN

Since their inception in 06, POC have had a serious safety focus. The company’s core is innovation and through the years they have pursued new ideas and concepts. POC’s helmet technology aims to increase levels of protection before, during and after an accident. This year, POC has a new weapon in its armoury of protective technology, and it’s called SPIN.

What’s SPIN? Back in 08, POC was one of the very first cycling helmet manufacturers to introduce MIPS technology. MIPS works by adding a low friction layer to the inside of a helmet in order to reduce the rotational motion transferred to the brain from angled impacts to the head. Simply put crashing sucks and that’s where MIPS and SPIN technology come in. They both allow your head to continue to travel in the direction it was originally travelling for just that little bit longer meaning that some of the force that would otherwise be transferred to your brain isn’t. Less force means less likelihood of brain injury.


MIPS has been incredibly successful and well received across the industry. However, always with an eye to innovation and improvement, POC has spent the last two years developing an alternative solution that offers the same benefits with fewer of the drawbacks. So what is it? Silicon inserts in pads. Receiving the Tectal Race for the first time, it looked weird as the gel pads are so minimal. It just seems so simple and obvious when you say it out loud yet until now, nobody has done it.

Upon my noggin’ the fit is excellent, comfortable with no pressure points even after a few hours rolling around the lush native forest of Rotorua. The strap design is dialled - no unwelcome flappiness in the wind, coverage at the side and back is reassuringly deep while the retention strap adjustment wheel is both easy to use and secure. Polygiene is still used for the padding which helps keep the pong at bay. There’s lots to like and nothing I could find to criticise. If your old helmet is a few years old, or you just value your brain function and want to make sure your helmet is at the forefront of protection, I recommend trying one of these on for size.


Distributor: Wide Open

RRP: $379

Words & Images: Liam Friary & Cameron Mackenzie

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