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Enter To Win: 3-Day Christchurch Adventure Park Pass

The Christchurch Adventure Park is open again and General Manager Anne Newman got in touch to talk us through where they’re at: The Christchurch Adventure Park has been through a lot in its short life. It opened in December 2016 and both Cantabrians and tourists flocked to it. Adventure seekers to sightseers, and plenty of curious locals, came to the Park in their tens of thousands and all signs pointed to this being a massively successful venture. 

Then on 13 February 2017, just eight weeks after it had opened, two separate fires ignited in the Port Hills within 90 minutes of each other. The Christchurch Adventure Park was forced to close its gates due to high winds and the nearby fires, and over the next two days the fires ripped through the forest that the Christchurch Adventure Park is located in and combined into one massive blaze that went on to claim 1600 hectares of land on the Port Hills, eleven homes, and the life of a helicopter pilot helping to fight the fires. 

It would be ten stressful and arduous months before the gates of the Park would reopen. Fortunately, the village itself, containing the 200-seat café, bike rental and guest services, was spared any damage. However, an intensive logging operation, rebuilding of the trails, and replacement of the chairlift and ziplines had to take place before the public could be invited back in.  

In December last year, the Park was finally ready to reopen its doors. The hillside is virtually unrecognisable since the fires, and the trails have a different look and feel to them without the forest surrounds. But there are silver linings too, with the removal of trees creating incredible unhindered views from the top of the chairlift, and the new trails receiving rave reviews from riders who have returned to try them out. 

The Trails 

The trails have been completely rebuilt since we went before the fire last year but there are some familiar names, like Lord of the Possums and Airtearoa, along with some new tracks that are proving popular, like Loess Rider. We’re looking forward to riding them asap. If you’re lucky, you’ll beat us to it because…. 


We have a Weekend at Christchurch Adventure Park, which includes a 3-day riding pass and two meals and a beverage at the Cafe. (Any flights and accommodation not included). Open to NZ Residents only

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